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Since 1984, CINEGRUA, S.L. built cranes for cinema or TV to make every movement required for the director.
Our purpose is make cranes absolutly safe for cameramen and all the profesionals working on set. This is why since the begining our cranes has installed vertical brake in order to permit the cameraman get out of the crane without to remove any weight in a complete safe way. (even with this mechanism, the crane never fall)
This mechanism and all the rest installed in our cranes has been tested and passed the quality controls, obtaining the certificate type “CE”.
We are proud to say we had sell our cranes in Spain (TVE, Antena 3 TV, most in Barcelona, Pais Vasco, Andalucia, etc) and to foreign countries also: México, Perú, Chile, Argentina, etc.

Our crew has experience for more than 20 years with this kind of cranes so they´re ready to make any service, even the most hard and complicated. All they have qualified in Workers Prevent Risks.

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